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YearTitleCourse CodeMediumDepartment
2016Accountancy and Statistical AnalysisDTTEHM 03EnglishEconomics
2018Accountancy and Statistical AnalysisDTTEHM 03EnglishEconomics
2016Accounting for Managers (Trimester I)MBAIB 5101English-
2016Administrative Law-English/ Sinhala/ TamilPublic & International Law
2017Administrative Law-Sinhala/ English/ TamilPublic & International Law
2017Advanced AuditingACT 2207EnglishAccounting
2017Advanced Computer ApplicationsICT 2111Sinhala/ EnglishComputer Teaching Unit
2017Advanced Computer ApplicationsICT 2111Sinhala/ English/ TamilComputer Teaching Unit
2016Advanced Corporate Finance (Second half)MBAFI 601English-
2016Advanced Demographic AnalysisDMA 601EnglishDemography
2017Advanced GeomorphologyGYG 2126Sinhala/ EnglishGeography
2017Advanced GeomorphologyGYG 2126Sinhala/ English/ TamilGeography
2017Advanced Management AccountingACT 2301EnglishAccounting
2016Advanced Studies in ConstitutionalismPSC 4279Sinhala/ English/ TamilPolitical Science
2017Advanced Studies in ConstitutionalismPSC 4279Sinhala / English / TamilPolitical Science
2017Advertising and public RelationCMS 2218EnglishJournalism Unit
2017Advertising and Public RelationsCMS 2218Sinhala/ EnglishJournalism Unit
2016Advertising ManagementMKT 2206EnglishMarketing
2017Advertising ManagementMKT 2206EnglishMarketing
2016Ageing StudiesDMG 3147Sinhala/ EnglishDemography